Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Academic Upgrading

The Academic Upgrading Program is an individualized program that focuses on five goal paths: Apprenticeship, Secondary School, Post-Secondary, Employment, and Independence.  Each learner will be involved in assessments, mastering task-based activities, demonstrating progress, completing a culminating task, and transitioning toward his/her goal within a given timeline. Our mission is to promote and enhance personal growth for lifelong learners to use at home, at work, and in the community through academic and employment-related skills in an adult-centered environment.



The program helps learners to…

  • Improve their computer skills
  • Solve math word problems
  • Write essays
  • Increase awareness and understanding regarding apprenticeships
  • Increase self-confidence for everyday living
  • Better understand their employment needs



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This Employment Ontario Program is funded by the Government of Ontario.

Frequently asked questions?

  1. Can you help me with my grammar and sentence structure? 
  2. I need to get my grade 11 math credit but I struggle with math, can you help before I take the credit class? 
  3. I know nothing about computers, can you help? 
  4. I have been out of school for a while so I don’t remember how to write essays, can you help?
  5. I don’t understand what apprenticeship means, can you help? 
  6. How long will I be in this program? 
    It all depends on your goal, commitment to program, and skill level.  It can vary between weeks and months
  7. Will I get a credit toward my OSSD for completing this program?
    No, this is non-credit upgrading program

—Transportation assistance is available to learners who qualify—